Detective Peterovski departs for Busan, South Korea

So, it’s settled. The recently discovered clue from Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) has forced Detective Peterovski to make a choice. If he’s happy to retire after 30 years of service without solving his last case, he can stay at home. If he wants to catch his arch enemy RPL, he must leave his hometown for the distant shores of Busan, South Korea.

Here, Detective Peterovski gives his last report from the EpCoP Case headquarters before he boards his flight. Good luck detective, we hope you catch your man.

Follow Detective Peterovski’s EpCoP Case as it unfolds in Busan, South Korea via the Location of the last known sighting of Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) map and his Tweets and blog posts.

2 thoughts on “Detective Peterovski departs for Busan, South Korea

  1. Good luck Detective, I hope you catch a break in the distant shores of Korea. RPL can’t hide forever, not with you on the case! Best of luck!

    • Detective Peterovski

      Good morning Boomer!

      It’s great to hear from you. I’m not sure how the EpCop Case will turn out, but I’m committed to tracking down my arch-enemy and capturing RPL. Thanks for supporting my investigation.


      Detective Ryan Peterovski

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