Stringing my guitar and tuning it (Standard tuning)

New strings

My new D’Addario Medium Light strings. They have a full, bright tone?

It took some time, but I was finally able to string my guitar with new D’Addario Medium Light strings. This is the process I worked through. Using pliers, I gently tugged the bridge pins from the bridge, removed the old strings and then placed the ball end of each new string into their respective bridge hole. I then inserted the end of each string through the hole of each tuning-post. Next I had wind each string around its post. I found an informative video on YouTube demonstrating how to string a guitar and do a funky little loop around each post. I had to watch it a couple of times just to get the direction of the loop right.
All up, it took me about 45 minutes to finish stringing my guitar. Now it’s time to tune it.

I used Guitar Tuna to tune my guitar. It's good for guitar newbies like me!

Guitar Tuna! The polygraph test line-on-graph-paper style, individually labelled strings and Tune up or Tune down instructions made it easier for a total guitar beginner like me tune each string.

I had tried using a number of different guitar tuner apps to tune my guitar. I had even tried using the web-based guitar tuner. I felt like they were more suited to people with a bit more guitar experience than me. That’s ok. I just needed something with a little more instructional scaffolding.  That’s why I liked I Guitar TUNA! I was able to select the string on the app I wanted to tune, pick the same string on the guitar and then adjust the tuning key according to the feedback provided by the coloured line drawn by the pen on the graph paper and the Tune up or Tune down instructions that were displayed. Once the line was drawn in the middle of the graph paper and coloured green I knew that the string was tuned. I then followed the same process for the remaining strings. With more experience and the need to play songs with alternate tunings, I might find Guitar TUNA! restrictive, but for now it’s my tuner of choice.

3 thoughts on “Stringing my guitar and tuning it (Standard tuning)

  1. Good for you Rowan ! A light steel set is perfect and should sound nice and bright. Not sure how you went from old to new; I’ve always fine one string at a time so you keep tension high on the neck.

    I did not ignore your idea of jamming to Evil; I’m not home for another 3 days and guitar less.

    Tons of tuning apps. I got guitar toolkit but it’s not cheap. It does have diagrams for every chord in addition to an easy to use tuner.

    I also got the free Tabs app so I get easily find chords and solos to play.

    • Hey Alan!

      The old strings that came with the guitar were a bit unsavoury. They were really the only part of the guitar (that I know of) I couldn’t clean how I wanted. Besides, I wanted to start my guitar adventure with new fresh strings! If I wanted to do that I had to figure out how to take ’em off, how to put new ones on and then how to tune the guitar. All part of the fun!

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