The EpCoP Case: Week 6 and Week 7 in review

A Storify review of Week 6 & Week 7 of the EpCop Case written by Detective Ryan Peterovski.

Just finished taking to Korea’s #1 general surgeon about process of gathering evidence to support diagnosis. Will edit, translate, upload!
September 13, 2011
I’ve been reflecting on the evidence I’ve gathered for RPL & the #EpCop Case
September 16, 2011
I’m home from the country field trip, but something isn’t right at my hotel room! #EpCoP
September 22, 2011
Agents! It’s the end of me & the #EpCop Case. I didn’t close the case or catch RPL. It’s permanent retirement for me
September 25, 2011
So, that’s the end of the EpCop Case.

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