ds106: Visual Assignment 35 – Apartment building 106

Visual assignment 35 brief

Let’s celebrate our 106ness- create a graphic, find a a photo, manipulate an exiting image to somehow represent the number 106. It could be literal (like a sign that has 106 on it, example below), to say, something using CVI (roman digits), maybe something with 106 items in it….

2 thoughts on “ds106: Visual Assignment 35 – Apartment building 106

  1. CC here, Detective, you are certainly using your listening skills, seeking skills and now your visual skills in the EpCoP Case. Not familiar with 106ness, is it anything like oneness?

    • Hi Carole!

      The Apartment building 106 photograph is my submission for the Illustrate 106 Visual Assignment. This is one of the many assignments you can complete for the Digital Storytelling (DS106) MOOC. Technically, the Spring and Summer iterations of the DS106 are over, but that doesn’t stop you from using the assignments as a prompt for ‘making stuff’. Like DS106 itself, the assignments are ongoing and always open and available.

      I try to DS106 everyday as part of my daily brain exercise. I DS106 as Rowan Peter.

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