ds106: ds106 Field Recordings – Friday night roadside ambience

It’s the end of another working week. I’m waiting outside the local pizza shop on a Friday night. I hear some nice roadside ambience. I hit record.

Pizza shop interior and roadside ambience without commentary.

2 thoughts on “ds106: ds106 Field Recordings – Friday night roadside ambience

  1. Wow I’d love a little Australian winter right now. It was 105º F in New York City today. If you popped out of the shade for even a moment it felt like someone opened an oven in your face.

    Thanks for sharing the local flavor. Hope the pizza was good!

    • Hi Michael. Yep the Melbourne winter would give you some respite from your oven style summer! Our summers are also oven like and sometimes even hotter. We use the term ‘blast furnace’. 😉

      I’m glad you liked my field report. You’re right, they’re local. That’s what my recordings are about. A recording of my current location as an abstract sound object, which is then given some context with a short commentary. The sound as an abstract meaningless object is what drives my recording, but my need to inform and give meaning drives my report.

      Say, I’d like to hear some summer sounds from NYC! Post a field report and then upload it to DS106radio!

      Oh yeah, the pizza was average, but that’s ok. It was just good to be home. 🙂

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